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Wireless Automatic Handheld Microphone Frequency Adjustable

Product Description

Since the establishment of the G-MARK brand, G-MARK's consistent pursuit of quality has determined our achievements and reputation, and has been demonstrated through each product.

In short, microphones and audio electronics are our lives.

Therefore, whether you have been a G-MARK enthusiast or a G-MARK product for the first time, we believe that you will experience the superior quality that audio professionals have embraced for more than 10 years.

Since 2010, G-MAR's products have won the favor of musicians and music enthusiasts around the world for their excellent performance ratio.

In 2019, G-MARK first launched the "GGAP" G-MARK Global Architecture Platform through its advanced production management technology. The microphone produced by this platform has excellent stability, excellent sound quality and excellent consistency. By controlling production costs to a lower level, the products produced in this way are advantageous regardless of quality.

In 2019, we established warehouses in all major regions of the world and opened up our lightning delivery operation mode. We are highly praised by many of our friends because they can receive the microphone they want within 3-7 days. This is G-MARK. A new shopping experience brought by friends.

G-MARK strives for perfection. We are constantly striving to produce flawless products and provide the best product support. In fact, no matter what we do, we are committed to providing a quality audio experience, because that is the true measure of legendary performance.





Receive far stability

In order to cater to the family KTV, the technicians will adjust the receiving distance to 100 meters, which will make the hardware upgrade more stable and control better.

Anti-noise high frequency smart chip

1.Click ● and click▼.

2.Select the channel, press ● again, there will be a drop of sound.

3.Align the wireless wheat round hole with the IR, and after the sound is

dropped, it means correcting the frequency.

4.When the frequency displayed by the host is the same as the frequency

of the handheld screen, the calibration frequency is completed.

Product list



Power supply*1

Instruction manual*1


Audio cable*1



Front and back panel with brand new design









G320AM for Party

Suitable for family entertainment, office meetings, small performances, school lectures, etc.

G320AM for Meeting

Designed for vocal frequency response, the IF area is bright and has a bass frequency attenuation, which fully controls the near-talk effect.

G320AM for Church

G320AM adopts UHF wireless transmission protocol, effective transmission distance up to 100M and built-in multiple sets of frequency points, which can eliminate interference signals, effectively avoid frequency interruption and frequency modulation.

G320AM for Concert

Its high sensitivity and high frequency response make the sound clearer and more precise, suitable for professional lead and harmony in the stage or studio.

g320 G440 G220 G320领夹
G-MARK G320 UHF Wireless Microphone System 2 Handheld Microphone G-MARK Wireless Microphone System G440 Professional 50 Meters Four Channel G-MARK G220 Wireless Microphone System UHF Adjustable Frequency Gemini Karaoke G-MARK G320 UHF Wireless Microphone System 2 Handheld Microphone

Transducer: Dynamic Microphone
Use: Stage Performance Wireless Microphone
Set Type: Matched Pair
Style: Handheld Microphone
Communication: Wireless
Package: Yes
Polar Patterns: Cardioid
Model Number: G320AM
Transducer: Dynamic Microphone
Type: Adjustable frequency