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Water-Filled Adjustable Training Fitness Dumbbell

Product description


Adjustable Weight
Each dumbbell has 4 dumbbell balls,
Portable and easy to fill & empty water.
Train a muscle group or train different muscle groups at the same time,
increase the number of dumbbell balls and gradually increase the training level
to develop the strength & muscle of the arms, shoulders and back.

Portable to carry, on the go / at home / at work / enjoy exercise at anytime, anywhere

Extend the Dumbbell Rod
Use 18 inches of extended dumbbell rods to provide longer holding space.

High Quality ABS Material
The new ABS material is soft and safe,
DO NOT easy to damage when it falls to the ground,
never leaks, never cause damage to the body/furniture/floor.

Suitable for All Family Members
4 balls for women, children and the elderly; 8 balls for adult men.

Package Include:
Water-filled hydraulic dumbbell
8 dumbbell balls
Comfortable non-slip silicone handle 2
4 extension rods
8 Nuts

Department Name: Men
Type: Spray-Paint
Weight: /
Application: Plastic Dip in Dumbbell
Model Number: Dumbbell
Function: Arms