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Are you looking for a natural remedy for neck pain and discomfort?

Dealing with chronic pain caused by strenuous activities or bad posture is never fun. It can make focusing at work difficult or getting your household chores done near impossible.

But you don't want to reach for pain pills yet. You want a convenient yet natural solution, a practical pain reliever you can easily use anytime without worrying about side effects.

The Bomic Inflatable Neck Pillow helps provide relief to painful and stiff muscles in the shoulders and neck area.

Offering 360° traction, this neck pillow can help correct your posture and increase blood flow. Just 15-20 minutes of use can ease discomfort from the following conditions:
- Neck Tension
- Headaches
- Neck Soreness
- Pinched Nerves
- Posture Correction
- Compressed or Bulged Discs
- Cervical Neck Spasms
- Back and Spinal Decompression
- Cervical Spondylosis & Chronic Neck Pain

This neck pillow has been designed with innovative features that put it above other cervical supports. Session Depletion Technology gradually deflates the pillow towards the end of each session—no need for timers. A removable tube and travel zipper bag lets you pack the pillow for instant comfort anywhere you go. Its super soft, non-itchy material makes every session feel pleasant.

Anyone experiencing neck and shoulder discomfort will be delighted to receive this pillow as a Christmas or birthday gift. Its versatile and adjustable design allows any adult of any size to comfortably use it.

Need more reasons to get this pillow? Check out these awesome features:

✅ Comes with a free gift for every purchase
✅ Inflatable design allows easy carry and storage
✅ Made of super soft material

Give yourself the natural neck pain reliever you need. Add the Bomic Inflatable Pillow to

Material: Non-woven
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Bone Care
Model Number: 1182
Item name1:: Neck Traction
Item name2:: Neck Massage
Item name3:: Massage pillow
Item name4:: Neck Massager
Item name5: Cervica Traction
Feature 1: Pain Relief Neck Stretcher