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Adjustable Left/Right Shoulder Support Bandage

Product description

Size:Universal Size

Are you looking to ease your pain caused by shoulder related injuries and problems? Are you interested in a faster recovery time and in a better health-related quality of life? Look no further, we have the right solution for you.

The Sixora shoulder brace (shoulder saver) will stabilize your shoulder resulting in decreased painful symptoms. Our brace will help you alleviate your pain and promote faster recovery times if you are living with any of these conditions:
-Rotator cuff impingement and tear
-Tendon inflammation like bursitis and tendinitis
-Frozen shoulder
-Shoulder instability
-AC joint dislocations
-Sprains and labrum tear
-Shoulder Arthritis
-Shoulder separation

Our top-quality shoulder brace is made out of the best materials for your comfort and protection. Wear the shoulder compression sleeve under or over your clothing.

Instructions to use:

1. Open the velcro and place the brace on your shoulder. Tighten the velcro on your arm to a comfortable fit.
2. Put the strap into the buckle and pull it until its tightened, then lock it with the velcro.
3. Adjust the bidirectional velcro strap on your shoulder for extra compression. This strap can also be used to place ice in a plastic bag under it to reduce inflammation.

Why should you get our shoulder brace?

- Get rid of your shoulder pain
- Start enjoying a better health related quality of life
- Take advantage of our unique offer, best quality product
- Receive your product bundle: Shoulder brace with Wrist wrap included
- Great customer service.

What are you losing in case you will not get our shoulder brace?

- You will continue to live in constant pain
- You will not get to enjoy a better quality of life
- You will not take advantage of our best and unique Shoulder brace & Wrist wrap package

Material: Other
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Bone Care
Model Number: Shoulder Support Bandage
Color: Black